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                                                                          History of Cozumel

The island of Cozumel (Mayan for "Island of the Swallows) lies 12 miles off shore the eastern coast of the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico. It is the largest island in the Mexican Caribbean. Across from the Coastal City of Playa del Carmen, the mainland terminal for the cross island Ferry. Cozumel is the largest of 3 islands off the east coast of the state of Quintana Roo. The island is approximately 23 miles (35km) long and 08 miles (14km) wide. With the highest point measuring 45 feet above sea level. Cozumel was settled roughly 2000 years ago by ancient Mayans, a seafaring people, who saw Cozumel as a commercial trading stop as well as a sacred shrine. The island of Cozumel was a mecca to Mayan women who made the voyage from the mainland of Playa del Carmen to Isla Cozumel in large dugout canoes to worship Ix Chel, the Goddess of fertility. It was Spanish Conquistador Juan de Grijalva who first discovered Cozumel in 1518 as he was blown off course during a journey to Cuba. Grijalva left a golden statue as a gift when he departed which now resides in the downtown San Miguel Cathedral. Shortly thereafter, the infamous Spanish conqueror Hern?n Cort?s found his way to Isla Cozumel in 1519 and with his influence, which included the destruction of the many temples and the spread of the smallpox disease, Cozumel's inhabitants went from 40,000 to just 30 people by 1570. Cozumel's ancient Mayan civilization lied in ruins, and by 1600 Cozumel was uninhabited. The Island also boasts the legend of being the one of the main out posts of the famous Pirate Capitan Morgan, who made Cozumel a base of operations during the 1600's. Later on in the early 1800's, another famous Caribbean pirate Jean Lafitte, hid from his pursuers in the waters near Cozumel as well. But in general, Cozumel remained uninhabited until 1847, when a few families fleeing the Spanish backlash over the Maya rebellion during the War of the Castes settled on the island. In 1961 the legendary Jacues Cousteau and his Famous ship "The Calypso" put Cozumel on the Global Map by declaring the Island home to some of the best Diving and Coral Reefs in the World. The main town on the island is called San Miguel.(Pop. 85,000 2010est.) Now, Chankanaab Nature Reserve, San Gervasio Ruins, and The Punta Sur Lighthouse, make up the Three nature and historical sites that are a must visit on the island. Restaurants and local Bars, Shops, dot the island for a great discovery of local cuisine and culture.  The island is renowned for its spectacular Reefs, Diving and Snorkeling, Eastside Pristine Beaches, and an unspoiled beauty, that still exists today which makes Cozumel a great and rewarding getaway for everyone.




Directions from Cancun Airport

Direct Buses from Cancun Airport are available directly to Playa del Carmen, which roughly takes around 75 min. Boat ferries from PDC cross the channel in around 40min, directly to Cozumel mostly on the hour. The last ferry from Playa leaves at 10:00PM. Taxies are readily available on the left side of the pier once you exit to transport you to our hotel. 

From Cozumel Airport

Follow the lone exit road to your right (300 yds.) once you exit the Customs area. When you arrive at the Roundabout with the Bird Statue in the middle look left, you will see Blueway rent a car on the corner. We are directly next door on the right.



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